Structural Integration

If you are looking for a change in posture, body use, awareness, and overall somatic experience, Structural Integration (SI) is for you. SI is a finite series of sessions that reorganizes your soft tissue system to optimize its function and economy of effort. Anatomically specific and strategic in it's approach, SI aims to "unwind" inefficient patterns/habits to promote long lasting change.


These sessions are useful for general musculoskeletal tension, aches/pains, injuries and stress management, as well as for "tune ups" after a Structural Integration series. The focus is to help neutralize any local discomfort and dysfunction within the context of the whole body. The work is structurally oriented, and individually tailored to your particular situation.  


Andrew Mannino

Andrew is a practitioner with 15 years of experience. 2019 marks his 13 year anniversary since opening Body In Focus (formerly Belmont Muscular Therapy). In addition to running his private practice, Andrew is a faculty teacher at the Anatomy Trains school for Structural Integration