"Andrew at Body in Focus is a therapeutic massage practitioner with whom I both trust and respect.There are not many muscular therapists like Andrew who take the time to assess the human body before and after treatment which is key in affecting change and ensuring progress. Further, his skillful hands don't allow him to simply gloss over areas of major distress and dysfunction that may need more attention than others. His knowledge of anatomy is excellent, and is he genuinely concerned about the health of his patients. His structural bodywork sessions are effective and educational and serve to encourage body awareness. He is a true professional and I am continually counting my gains from seeking his expertise.”    Kate K. - chiropractor

“I hobbled in to my first appointment with Andrew about seven months ago. A severely herniated disc in my lower back sent chronic pain down my leg, making it impossible to sit and often to walk. Andrew developed a treatment plan that worked in concert with my chiropractor and physical therapist to both alleviate pain and restore normal muscle tone to my back and my legs. Seven months later, I am pain free and once again able to do the things that I love--hike with my dog, Maddy, cook, and travel. Working with Andrew, I have also developed a heightened awareness of my posture and how changes in my posture affect how my back feels. He is a gifted practitioner. With his help I have healed and learned a lot about how to stay healthy.”    Theresa E. - CEO

“Being a Thai Yoga massage therapist, I have experienced a lot of different massages.  Andrew’s technique is amazing.  He really knows exactly where to go.  I truly appreciate his treatments and I am happy to recommend him to my friends and clients.”    Nathalie B. - certified health counselor; Thai Yoga massage therapist

“I came to see Andrew several weeks after I tore my MCL during a hockey game.  I was seeing a physical therapist and getting stronger, but felt like I hit a road block and needed something more to get back to my active lifestyle.  Andrew’s treatment helped to restore my knee to its pre-injured range of motion and use.  It somehow helped erase the muscle memory of injury in my knee.  I was very impressed by Andrew’s level of professionalism as well as his comfortable and confidential office space.  I have recommended Andrew to colleagues, friends and family and will continue to do so.”    Michael D. - nurse practitioner

“Andrew has been my massage practitioner for about eleven years now.  During this time, he has been a great help to me.  He is very skilled at what he does, takes a genuine interest in his clients and their well - being and adheres to high standards for the massage therapy profession.  I can always trust that my clients are in good hands when I refer them to Andrew.”    PJ C. - personal trainer


“Andrew is a fabulous massage practitioner.  I work on my feet all day so I tend to get a variety of aches and pains in my back and neck.  Andrew is able to find the root of the pain and treats it so it doesn’t return.  I am confident in his skills and refer all of my patients to see him.”    Marisa D. - acupuncturist


“Andrew possesses the rare combination of excellent technical skill and energetic sensitivity. I have been seeing Andrew for several months to help manage chronic neck pain due to a car accident. Our sessions have helped to reduce my tension & pain significantly. Because of this I have been able to resume strength training, and have become stronger than I have been in several years. I am also able to work at the computer for longer periods of time.    Laura P. - consultant

"Andrew is a gifted therapist who does much more than massage. His personalized, collaborative approach was the key in my successful therapy. He really listened to what I knew about my own pain, and attended just as carefully to what my body told him. He applies considerable skill, knowledge, and intuition in his work, and it shows in the results."    Eric H. - website director/musician


"Andrew is a true professional in the way he approaches his craft. He spends time discussing and assessing my back and shoulder problems while providing a clear understanding of what's helpful in solving the problem. His work has been very effective over the past several months."    Robert D. - sales & marketing

"I have had frequent massages from many massage specialists around the world, and I must say that Andrew is among the best. He has superb technique and is always able to remove the knots and tension in my muscles. He listens carefully to my needs and targets the specific areas I mention, or the entire body."    Caroline S. - graduate student

"Andrew did great work with my shoulder, restoring my range of motion and strength so that I can work now without pain and injury.  As his colleague, I have great respect for Andrew's understanding of anatomy and his honest desire to help his clients."    Abi H. - massage therapist